Ghosts in Snodland

Who ya gonna call? A flippin' exorcist with a flamethrower, that's who.

If you get bitten by a ghost you have to rub the wound with a dock leaf

Spooky sightings

What are ghosts? Where do they come from? Can you eat them? We may never know, but one thing is for certain, you’re sure to have a paranormal encounter in Snodland. Famed for its high volume of ghostly sightings, the Snodland Paranormal Society was founded to investigate and document the ghostly hotspots that populate the town.

Other towns may boast of ghost ships and ghost trains but Snodland is the proud owner of the world's first ghost mobility scooter. It can be seen popping wheelies and doing doughnuts in the community centre carpark.

During your stay, why not take a trip to the Snodland water-park and visit the haunted bidet. Just make sure you clench your bum cheeks and wear a crash helmet before squatting.

Departed Job Seekers

Death is no excuse for not doing your part

The majority of Snodland's ghosts are the friendly sort, many have successful integrated back into the world of the living and are holding down decent jobs. The ghost of Sir Reginald Black has swapped a former life of knights and chivalry with oil, screenwash and car parts at the local garage.

Sir Reginald Black will happily service your rusted up Fiesta
Other haunted kitchen appliances are available

Ghost toaster

Nutritional information on ghost toast is unavailable at this time

It is said that on the third Wednesday of every November, the ghost toaster appears in the kitchen of the Snodland “Bacon, Not Stirred” Café. Those who have lost loved ones in Snodland are able to communicate with their expired friends and relatives by eating the ghost toast and performing a special séance.

Approximately 94% of all woods are haunted

The Drummer Boy

Most ghosts are said to have mastered at least one musical instrument

The ghost of the drummer boy has been a Snodland legend for many years. It is said that his ghostly drum beats can be heard in the woods between Snodland and Halling . The dance-mat boy is a recent addition to the urban legends of Snodland, his foot-pounding electronic beats can be heard by the bins round the back of the Co-op.