The History of snodland

History is often found before the future

Snodland is featured in the Domesday Book, somewhere at the back between Upper Dicker and Shitterton.

In the beginning

Snodland Boyz Rule

Snodland was founded by Baron Snod in the 17th Century. It is said that Snod was fascinated by the vast quantities of chalk and began carving the first town houses from the lands chalky deposits with his bear hand (Yes you read it correctly, bear hand).

in 1998, a statue of Baron Snod was erected in the town center, in honor of his legacy the statue was made entirely from chalk, so there’s not much of it left. The statue was labeled with Snod’s final words, muttered on his death bed:
“Get me a sodding doctor”

Snod, a diamond in the ruff
Snodland Studios excelled in making sci-fi film noir romcoms.


Let's all go to the lobby!

In the 1960’s the Snodland movie industry exploded. Rip-off films such as Wednesday night fever were filmed entirely in Snodland film studios. Fantasy and science fiction films produced by the studio were well known for their poor budgets, this was very apparent in the 1982 movie SuperDan where pyrotechnics were too expensive to produce so explosive effects were made with sparklers and the director shouting “bang”.

Age of invention

Eureka! It didn't kill a test subject this time!

Snodland was home to famous inventor, Hector Von Krumn. Born in 1882, Krumn's love of mathematics, physics and chemistry lead him down a path of discovery, innovation and a hermit lifestyle. Krumn's various claims to fame include the Automatic Bum Wiper and the Ventilated Diving Helmet. Unfortunately Krumn's fame only emerged after his death, he died in a horrible automatic bum wiping accident.

The Automatic Bum Wiper, for the brave and lazy

From humble begginings snodland has grown to an become one of the most talked about places on earth. The home of celebrities and their sickly, overly exposed lives. The birth place of adventure, fame & fortune and of course chalk, lots and lots of chalk.