Snodland Space Programme

To boldly go (on an extremely tight budget)

Snodland desperately needs a space station.

Primary Goal

Snodland has been the epicentre of UK space exploration for many years. Since 1973, when Snodland launched its first panda into space (and most of it came back), the Kent based town has continued to maintain an active space programme.

The Snodland Space Station Programme (formerly known as project "Cut and Shut") is the latest project to emerge from Snodland Space Headquarters (SSHQ). The project aims to build a habitable platform in space which will be home to a small group of astronauts (with comically opposing personality types) who will conduct various tests in a zero gravity environment.

Early 3D Concept of the Snodland Space Station
The Centre recommends you use plenty of toilet paper each visit

In Beta

Here's one we made earlier

At the Snodland Space Centre you will discover a wealth of information on historic space programmes. You will also find on display the current beta design for the Snodland Space Station.

If you wish to contribute to the programme, please donate any toilet rolls, plastic bottles, pieces of string and sticky backed plastic to the SSHQ today!

Suited and Booted

Fashion knows no boundaries

It took the Snodland scientists years to perfect the mark 4 space suit. Earlier designs featured a cane and top hat but were deemed unnecessary and often dangerous. The space monocle however, remains a staple accessory as part of our fashion conscious astronauts ensemble.

Hilariously Snodland's first astronaut, Michelle Purcell, demanded she mark the historic occasion by wearing a cape throughout her pioneering mission beyond the earth's atmosphere. Unfortunately her cape became jammed within the delicate mechanical components of her capsule and ultimately strangled her to death.

Spacesuits. Also available in Burberry.