Snodland Zoo

Animals. What's the point?

Think of an animal, any animal. Are you thinking of a silverback gorilla with a penchant for destruction? Welcome aboard!

Damn dirty apes

For years Snodland Zoo struggled to attract the numbers it needed to maintain a fully operational zoo. As time passed, various attractions were closed and further budgetary constraints forced the zoo to take drastic action. In 2008 the director signed an agreement for all the animals to be placed inside one Superdome.

Though marketed as a bold and innovative idea, the zoo's primary goal was to save money which led to corners being cut in every department. The dome was to provide a true “multi-biome” experience by removing all segmentation from each species and having all the animals roam freely, together.

Bone Crusher once removed a zoo keeper's spine and used it as a toothpick.

By the end of 2008 only the enraged silverbacks remained, lead by the alpha of the group, Bone Crusher.

By March 2009, Bone Crusher was the zoo's only inhabitant. Luckily for Snodland Zoo, Bone Crusher's murderous rampages became an international hit and attracted visitors from far and wide across the globe.

Mistakes were made


The first animal to grace Snodland Zoo was a lion, the second was a group of sealions. Unfortunately the original zoo keeper wasn’t too smart and assumed that sealions were a type of lion, placing them in the same cage.

Over the years, many of the zoos special exhibits have been unforgettable though we're sure the finance department would rather forget the less than popular rat, pigeon and seagull exhibit.

RIP in peace
Popcorn continues to grow inside the human body once consumed

Jurassic Lark

the unstoppable force of entertainment collides with the immovable object of science

After the success of the hit, Snodland based film Jurassic Car Park, Snodland Zoo dabbled in the art of prehistoric resurrection. Unfortunately one of the scientist forgot to “carry the 2” in the genetic formula producing a T-Rex with two heads and seventeen legs. “Stompy” as he was affectionately known, went on to become a champion Irish dancer.